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It’s always nice to stumble into a chilly home after a 20 hour bus ride and 6 hours of it at the Israeli-Egyptian border. Yes, we had another fun border crossing. Four hours to go through all of our things 3 times and body search us. Pray tell, do I look that dangerous after I haven’t showered in a day or two? They seem to be suspicious of everything, especially an Arabic-English dictionary…”Oh, someone I know that teaches there just gave it to me…” I could rant some more, but really, why give any more of my time to those border patrol imbeciles.

Getting back to the home part. Lovely to turn on the heater and get ready to get cozy. Searching for my phone to turn it on to make connections with my mom…and alas…we discover it’s nowhere to be found. Some more searching and we do not find my phone, we do not find my wallet, we do not find Ali’s watch (not the one I just gave him for his birthday, that one stopped ticking on vacation…) and a pile of small bills gathered on travels in various countries is missing also. So, yes, someone else went into our home while we were away and pilfered these items. Someone else with a key. The idiot tried to use my credit card at an atm. Sigh. So, no more belephone for me. And if I had your phone number before, I don’t now. We’ve talked to the neighbors, notified the volunteer police. Can’t make much of a stink, as we are not legally working here…so it goes. We have new locks. This is good.

Ali has aided me a quite a bit this evening, note the comments are enabled on both of my blogs. Will love to see your thoughts/reactions to mine across the miles. And I have successfully emailed a few people on my long list and washed Ali’s white shirts by hand. Heating up water on the stove since our hot water is broken. You should have seen the bucket shower scene this am. Life is not easy here, but somehow, today, I feel happy.