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Dessert First

Things that made me have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY:

I turned 28. It’s exciting. I am another year older. I have lived another year and entered a new one.

I received lots of emails from friends that I never see. It’s wonderful to know that for one day a year a message pops into a friend’s mind to remind you that they are thinking of you. Even if they think of you more than that day, on this day they let you know.

My mom called.

My brother Bill called. And his son, my beloved nephew, Ethan, said Happy Birthday too.

Ali and I went to Tel Aviv on Friday afternoon. Took a walk along the beach at sunset. My toes got pretty chilly dipping in the Mediterranean, but it was oh so nice to hear those waves crashing against the sand. There were lots of Israelis wearing fisherman pants ,playing drums, dreaming that they were still on the beaches of Thailand.

Ali threw me a surprise party at our new apartment on Saturday night. I was making onion rings, for the first time, I had flour on my nose and the door bell rang. Some ladies from work came in and over the course of the night we were joined by the boyz from Kapt, some artists and other good folk. We had wine, cocktails, hummus, chocolate cake, agila (sheesha) and several good rounds of conversation.

The kids jumped out of the cupboards and sang “Happy Birthday” to me at school on Monday and some of them made cards as well. The Masar Team had a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to me at school as well.

I spent the afternoon with Sally, who is now helping me at school, making my life so much easier and school so much more enjoyable and productive. We had lunch and ran a few errands around “town.” I usually spend the afternoons alone, it was nice to spend it with a friend.

Ali and I had some wine, chocolate ice-cream and cake AND played a game of chess (he won, as always) before heading to dinner at Tishreen, our fave resturaunt in our hood. We shared my favorite, stuffed mushroom and a yummy salad topped with sweetened walnuts and other “bird like” toppings. Yes, I love being a VEGETARIAN! The mushrooms were important because my mom has been making me stuffed mushrooms for every birthday dinner since I can remember. Keeping with a yummy tradition. A friend came in and saw us, told the manager and I was surprised with a fruit tart with a sparkler (instead of candles, this seems to be their source for birthday wishes) sending stars into the air. Then my mom called and that brings us back to the beginning…

The next day, Ali made me another special dinner for my birthday.

And yestderay, I read the International Herald Tribune and Ha’aretz newspapers from my birthday.

And today, I’m at the office and recived some good mail and a kewl bracelet from coworker/friend Danya.

Life is good.

Every day is a reason to celebrate and sometimes it’s especially fun to get others involved too. Thanks everyone. You bring the sunshine when it is otherwise hidden from the earth.