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It’s a gray and rainy day, but the sunshine and pale blue skies keep pushing through the clouds. Much like my life these days.

I had a dream last night in which I was driving a motorcycle in the dark. On the left side of me was a concrete wall. I was balancing against it; I was driving with my eyes closed. On the right side of me was open space. When the path began to curve and wind around corners, I could feel the curves with my body, but didn’t open my eyes. I started to speed up, the path became more curved. Eventually I stopped and opened my eyes. I was at the sea shore. I looked behind me and saw that I had made it down the windy path of mountain by moon light, one side a wall and the other a cliff leading to the open sea.

In the news…my news…

I told Ali I didn’t like my job, now that I have someone else teaching, I am observing again. Taking notes, watching from the sidelines. It can be both frustrating and boring. He laughed. I didn’t like it before when I was teaching and now I don’t like it that I’m not. Make up my mind! Maybe I need a career change? I certainly do feel defeated this week. I have applied to over forty international schools and well, after the fairs, there isn’t much left out there for me to apply to really. But as you know me, I keep on keepin on.

I got a really annoying comment on my poetry blog from someone I don’t personally know. Do people really feel so jealous and awful that they need to inflict their pain on others? I suppose if you look at how people treat each other in this world, children and adults alike, this is the state of it all. Cruel. It was good to receive critism, although I prefer something constructive and intelligent. I do need to be ready for the critics when I start submitting and being published; however, I don’t think that a critic would use the term “puke,” perhaps more intelligent ways to criticise my writing would surface. But I don’t believe it was my writing being criticised. After I all, I now have something very precious in my life, in which she no longer has. [evidence deleted, I will keep these personal poems in my journal, lesson learned.]

I also saw a funeral procession yesterday, by accident. The Scouts were beating the drums below. I looked out of our third floor apartment and watched bystanders line the streets. After the musical procession, there were dozens of highschool kids carrying colorful flowered wreaths. Behind them were all the members of the clergy in Nazareth, it seemed, covered in their long black cloaks with purple silk scraves hanging from their shoulders. Then the herds of people came. Hundreds of men filled the streets, singing, crying and even a few stragglers talking on their mobile phones. Carried above the crowds were two coffins. I watched below as they passed beneath my window, open caskets for the town to mourn. They looked like two gangsters. Personally, I have seen enough dead people in my life, but as it is a part of life, I seem to see them everywhere I go. I don’t think there is one country I have visited where I haven’t seen a funeral/dead person. I prefer not to see the bodies. I discovered later, from my most newsworthy source, that the two men were brothers, killed by a man much older than them, aparently in money/business dispute.

Ali got an article published on The Glimpse online magazine (Middle East section). Check it out yo. I will also be getting an article published in the same mag, will let ya’ll know when mine has been posted in the SE Asia section.

Well, gotta get back to all the things that make my day work.