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Snow Globes

Beautiful People. Oh, there are many in this world.

Went to the West Bank again this weekend, had an entirely different experience than last weekend, ie. Nablus vs. Hebron. I felt like I was on the outside of a snow globe peering in at all the people living there and as I was walking through the streets someone was shaking it. But instead of snow falling, IDF soldiers seeped out of the corners while children tried to play soccer in a place they used to feel safe. They now feel the need to throw sticks at visitors because the can’t differentiate between the Settlers and the trash they throw down upon them and the Internationals coming to help fight for their existence in a land that was their first. Pictures of old men standing next to their watch shops with bullet holes in the widows. Empty streets giving way to an even emptier Old City. Water tanks demolished by the guns of both the Settlers and the IDF. Trash collecting in grates above the walkway from people that don’t belong there nor have the right to inflict such atrocities on the people that were there first. Soldiers waving their guns down alley ways, me holding my breath in the hopes that no child runs across to their neighbor’s house, only to get shot in the process. Keeping distance behind the afternoon “checks” while Ali tries not to get caught taking pictures…

Just added a new link in ‘my peeps’ section. A very good friend that has been there since the days when we still went to college parties and met each other on the dorm steps, exchanging compliments about hats and shoes–without cell phones. When first impressions were never last and we became friends anyways. She knows what I’m talkin’ about and it’s hella good to see her writing again cuz she’s got talent.

Time to get back to that job searchin’ and then off to teach English to some Arab journalists. Three more weeks in the Holy Land and then off to the UK and wherever our feet take us…

Yalla bye!