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Making Decisions

I have two options and I can’t decide which is best.

We have now decided that moving to NYC may be an option. So now I need to decide when and where I can interview for a position. Maybe my readers can help me decide.

1. There is a NYC job fair in Ann Arbor, Mi on April 16. We have a wedding in Scotland on the 9th. It is possible to get to Paris by the 14th and fly to Ann Arbor and return to Paris on the 19th to continue traveling with Ali and his parents until May 17.

2. On May 17 fly out from London to NYC to interview with a recruiter for NYC jobs. Leaving the same day as Ali’s parents. Then fly back to London and try to find work while Ali does the same, for the summer.

I believe both appointments create a postive chance to become employed in NYC for the next school year. One allows me to see my family (Ann Arbor) the other allows me to see a friend in NYC. Both places offer a place to stay and job interviews. I am not sure which would put a job in my hand by the end of it. I think the costs would be equal for both.

comments and suggestions are needed and appreciated

PS HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY! and kiss me, i’m irish!!!!!