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Updates of Late

So. Thanks for all the saweet comments of late, my dear friends. Truly makes me smile and feel all warm inside. This entry is for you…

Decisions: After some talkin’ about the near and somewhat distant future, we have decided that I will wait and interview with a recruiter in NYC in mid-May. We also have some other ideas in the works, but these will unfold as the days unravel.

We never know what will come our way. But I am now focussing on finding a job in NYC for the next school year. It does not mean I am taking a final return ticket to the states. It means we will be there for a year and I will pursue international jobs, attend a job fair, possibly work on my Masters, see family and friends, et cetera while we are there. As NY is a BIG and DIVERSE city (both essential for my return to the states and not feel utterly land locked) Ali should be able to find some work with a magazine or newspaper or some other related media activity.

Some dates to note: April 2, flying out of Tel Aviv (after successfully getting through airport security and the ‘third degree’: such a positive gal I am…) and arriving to London. We will be greeted by Ali’s parents and then make our way up to Scotland for his cousin’s wedding on the 9th. We have until May 17 to travel with his parents after that. So let the future be what it is as it comes to us.

Mostly I just want to have a job lined up for next year so that I don’t freak out about crawling further beneath the blanket of debt that continuously hovers above me. I will be incomeless (is that a word?) in two weeks. After our travels we will have zero funds. Have some ideas brewing about what comes after May since it is likely that it will change anyways!