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Saying Goodbye…

…is always difficult. Just feeling a bit sad today as I said goodbye to all the kiddies at Masar. The weather seems to have shifted with my mood. Sunshine has disappeared, the sky is full of gray clouds. There is a chill in the air.

Said goodbye to the 4th grade yesterday. And today…we baked a cake with the 5th grade. Ali came in and played soccer with the 6th grade, while I took pics and watched from the sidelines. He now has a new nickname with the kids: Beckham. Had a costume party with the 3rd grade. Not sure what the occasion was, but it was good for lots of pics and smiles. They then sat in a circle and shared their sentiments with mixed English/Arabic praises of “I love you…I’ll miss you a lot…Have a safe trip…Come back soon…” Teared up at that point. Thought I might cry, but didn’t.

Perhaps it is the kids that challenge you the most that will miss you the most. Or even the ones you may miss the most. My time here has not been without challenge and at times has been frustrating at best. And maybe this is why I feel so sad in my heart to leave. I see how far they have come and I have had an impact on that. And I learned a lot about myself here. So much. SO I will take it with me and see what happens next.