Nazareth, Personal

More New Beginnings

I love the first day of the month. Every month. I flip over the calendar and see a new picture staring at me. At the moment, both of my calendars are probably now under piles in my still unpacked room. They haven’t hung on a wall since we moved from the Old City. World Wildlife Fund, reminding me of my dedication to animal rights and Ganesha, tales of India in a time much hotter and sweatier than my time in Israel-Palestine.

And as the month of April has begun, Spring is sprouting, time is moving forward an hour, the days are longer — I love it, sunshine all the time — and we leave this place for the next one. Once upon a time, I had a dream to find myself in Europe. I got side-tracked and spent some time wandering, teaching, learning, and climbing mountains in Asia. There will be winding roads, castles, ancient architecture, art, art and more art and languages I have heard before but have not yet been able to master. Just gotta get through the airport in Tel Aviv and the gypsy journey continues.

Ali works dilligently to finish his film about Kapt, a home away from home for folks like us and others in Nazareth’s community. It’s being closed this summer so he made a short film on how it came to be and the men that put it together. It means alot for us folks here in this small town of Nazareth, the place where Jesus himself used to walk the mainstreet…

Our favorite place to eat gave us a bottle of wine as a send off and everyone we meet gives us smiles, good luck wishes, hugs, and kisses on the cheeks. We’ll watch the film, which Ali so sweetly dedicated to me, tonight at Kapt and then fall into slumber.

We’ve finished our last minute shopping, stocked up on supplies for the Naguila (sheesha), bought our favorite treats and some aromatic Arabic coffee with cardimum. We lie on the matress on the smoking porch, Ali’s cigarette smoke curls above my head as we go over our “story.” We practice asking each other questions like our interrogators will ask tomorrow, for hours on end. Until the plane door is about to close and then hallas (enough), we will board. Shrink into our seats and hope for a good film while we sip on free drinks.

The weather in London won’t be quite so sunny and warm. We have to wait a bit for that. But the adventures to follow should make up for any grey weather.

See you somewhere on the road… Yalla, bye!