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Ideas for a Future

We sat down and made a map of our thoughts. They all went separate ways. But somehow we managed to converge them and have created a footpath for where our new dreams will take us.

I struggle between retracing steps and retracing thoughts. Which one is more creative? Which one takes me in the direction I want to go? And which one tells the people reading what they want to know?

It snowed this morning. The gray clouds sent their message down upon us. Small, hardened balls, lost in the wind against an even bluer emerging sky. The gray rolled in and Ali missed the snow falling from the heavens. Perhaps tomorrow.

We gather from all corners of the world to celebrate a union of two souls. In that gathering we rediscover each other and meet new people that become a part of another family to me.

I finally have these moments to myself. Ali sleeps off a hangover. The rest of the family scurries around doing last minutes in preparation for the wedding tomorrow. In these moments, I try to catch up on all of the above for the rest of the world to see.

Edinburgh – Glasgow – Dundee – Edinburgh – Paris – Normandy – Prague – Vienna – Budapest – Munich – Paris – Amsterdam

Time and money permitting we leave next Wednesday or Thursday, we’ll be in Paris for the first anniversary of when Ali and I first met on a tropical island off Malaysia, then follow a train or a bus to a path where cheaper cities and accommodation lie. Art and history oozing from every corner. Finishing travels with Ali’s parents around the 2nd or 5th of May, depending on Amsterdam and then? Only time will tell. We haven’t even checked fares yet.