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Back to Reality…

Searching out the next steps of it all. We are back in Scotland. Paris was a nine day whirlwind of walking walking walking. And oh so much more. So, will have to revisit those places in memory and hopefully get some things up on my blog as far as pictures as well. Celebrated a lovely one year anniversary beneath the sparkles of the Eiffel Tower after a full day of exploring The Louvre.

Now searching for a present and future that takes us somewhere beyond our current state. We collect ourselves in the arms of Ali’s family in a chilly, gray, Scotland. Repack our belongings and ideas. Next post should be London. The ideas of a previous future once imagined have unwraveled and we make new ones. Without enough money to travel East in Europe, we have come back to the UK. Plans are still in the making of a trip to Amsterdam to meet up with one of Ali’s mates and for me to head to NYC to interview with the schools there in May. After we sift through ideas and flight prices and stick to making some decisions that converge, then I can retrace the many steps my tired feet padded along on the streets of Paris. But at the moment children are using the public library as a jungle gym and I am about to pull my hair out.