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Groovin’ on Down…

…to London on Thursday evening to start that new life of ours we’ve been talkin’ and talkin’ about. The sun is shining today and it’s beautiful from inside the library, posted at the computers once again.

Notes on lack of blogging and soon to be future lack of blogging:

It’s that whole “I am a US citizen and I want a job in the UK,” story. I have been searching this site and that, making phone calls, checking eligibility, tapping into all resources human and otherwise and it is time consuming. It also eats up all my online computer time and then I need a break from the computer to sift through the TES for teaching jobs in London. The jobs are there. For the rest of this year (their term goes to July 22!) and then as well for the new year beginning in September. But am I eligible? What visa or permit do I need to get and where to get it? I have been answering all of these questions over the past two weeks and it’s getting slowly somewhere, but I still have to match up my qualifications to those in the UK. I need to see what the story is on all fronts. Teachers are a high need area and they are keen to hire overseas folk, but there are plenty of others from the Commonwealth countries that have a much easier way to access them. My British gene pool connection goes back too far, my Great-Grandmother. Sigh.

It can happen. It will happen. It will take time. And fortunately, this is the time to be looking for school jobs for next year and fill in for those that went crazy and couldn’t finish this year. Looking forward to filling in on those jobs! What better time to start anew than in the Spring jumping into Summer? Some folks think we’re crazy and we should split and go to our respective countries and work from there. But we enjoy the challenge. For without that, and love, what would life be all about?

And if we had decided on NYC, then this would be ali’s blog. As it stands, it’s all about me.