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Post Cards from Paris

So, I’m in Paris. Ali’s dream city. My feet have really never hurt so bad from walking so much! But the city is a beautiful, romantic city. It is also too cold for the end of April and has a lot of money in it. (Remember those BMW car/motorci vehicles we’d see in Emporium? Everywhere.) We have visited a lot of famous dead people, seen some creative headstones, and walked through the hallways of so many museums. The art has been amazing. There are also an endless supply of tre’ cool cafes, beautiful buildings and cute streets to wander to and from. Went to a rockin’ house part but would have been more fun if you were there. I miss you. Mary Lou.

For Darryl,
It may not be Paris, but it made me think of you while walking through the streets of Paris…[re:postcard photo, you’ll see when it arrives]I’ll tell you all about our romantic Paris. Ali and I kissing under the Eiffel Tower as it lit up the night sky on the evening of the one year anniversary to when we met in Malaysia. Time really has gone, eh? I wish I could meet with you in a café down a side street somewhere behind the Pathenon where I ventured to on my own today. I miss traveling with you! I hope you are enjoying your side trips and the Masters went ok. Thinking of you in Paris! Love you and hugs, Kara Melissa

Yo Mondawg – What up?
So here I am in Paris. I didn’t come with many expectations so I haven’t been disappointed. It’s chilly but the sun tries to shine part of the time. And the buildings are beautiful. Old. Romantic. Seen some kick ass art while here and am now accustomed to espresso at the bar before we start our day in the am. Despite my previous Vegan values, I have enjoyed so much delicious cheese while here as well. Sending love and hugs to you. Kara Melissa

Oh Michael. Greetings from Paris. I can’t recall amongst all of our conversations if your feet have taken you here previously. It’s a beautiful city. And although chilly at the moment, I’d hate to be here when it’s hot and overrun with tourists. (there are plenty here already) I can’t say that the Parisians are hard to take, everyone I have encountered was kind enough. We visited a lot of famous dead people and even ran into Jack Kevorkian! Thinking of you. Lots of love and hugs, Kara Melissa

Hi Mom,
Here’s another one for your post card collection. It’s interesting, I’d always dreamt of getting to Europe and exploring cities with ancient monuments and old buildings, but once I arrived, I think I’d left those dreams long ago. I wasn’t as in awe as perhaps I should have been but I enjoyed the cuteness of its cafes and the romance of its monuments and stories of lives and artists passed.
I love you and miss you.
Hugs, Kara Melissa

compiled 1 May 2005