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Feelin’ Good

Flyin’ high at the moment. Just got to connect with two of my fave peeps in Bangkok. It was so fabulous to chat with them and share smiles trying to figure out the web cam and the microphone for both of us to connect. It felt so good to connect with friends again. I have been working on creating a balance between being the housewife for Ali now that he is newly employed and has a wonderful Radio opportunity on Fridays as well. Making breakfast, packing his lunch, getting dinner ready for his arrival home. The sun is shining. I am finding more obstacles and windows to working in the UK and I keep on keepin on.

We are living in a quietish area in Zone 4 of the London Tube map. We have a great roommate who has everything we need and could want at the moment. Have already visited the local pubs and watched a game of football as well as added some new movie titles to our ‘seen’ list. We have broadband internet, which allows me to search endlessly about teaching here, as well as enabling me to connect to the outside world. Anyone know of work I can do from home and get paid without needing a work permit? And also provides for our evening entertainment, watching movies downloaded from the internet and other great British tele series I never knew existed.

In celebration of Ali’s new job, he bought me a book by an author I have been craving since we started traveling. Ben Okri. It’s the sequel to The Famished Road, called Songs of Enchantment. I have slipped into it, taking a sabbatical from the other two books I am literaly in the middle of, and have fallen into the dreamy spiritual world that Okri so easily creates. He writes like my dreams unfold in the night and I find myself in a night reality of my own through his literary adventures. Diving into this other world, this other place is a wonderful sabbatical from my own reality itself as I search for a job in a country where I am not yet allowed to work.