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Ode to Those Passed

I’ve decided to work on a project for all that have left my life for the afterlife. Going back to the memory of the first death in my life to the present. Here’s the list.
Great-great Aunt Mary, 98years old. I was 8.
My mom’s Aunt Dot.
My mom’s cousin Dana.
Uncle Chuck, also my mother’s uncle, I don’t remember his age, I think I was in my teens.
My brother Josh, 15 years old. I was 19.
My great-grandpa Jim, 90/91 years old. I was 22.
Adam’s friend Nick. Thailand. I was 25.
My step-brother Wayne. Germany. I was 25. A week or two after Nick died.
One of my best friends Adam. Vietnam. I was 26.

Some of these are memories from my childhood, other’s have impacted my life in tremendous ways. They all deserve to be remembered and I am going to discover how I remember them. The latter three were all in the same school year.