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Blustery Day but Only on the Outside

I now understand why so many famous writers come from the UK. It’s cloudy and grey more than sunny and blue. But that’s ok. Especially when you have to spend all morning trying to find the cheapest flight from London to Detroit just as the big summer tourist season is about to begin. Trying to find different combinations in order to achieve the cheapest way to get from one place to the next. London-NYC. London-Toronto. London-Detroit. All departing from London and eventually making a way to Detroit. Where YES, I will spend my summer back in the US of A. So, cloudy days help me focus on what needs to be done rather than galavanting in some park or finding my way on the tube to a free musuem. Which isn’t free when you consider getting from point A to point B and those of you having visited London before, know that public trans is a not cheap.

Yes. I will be spending the summer earning money in a country that allows me to. Spending time with my family. Which should make for some interesting adventures with so many people at my mom’s house these days. Oh the stories ahead. I will spend some much needed quality time with people in my life I’ve only seen once or twice a year for the past 5 years. My nephews. My brothers. My mom. The rest of the clan. My friends. And their already born and on the way babies. Still hoping to secure a job to come back to in London before I depart, and am now registered with three recruiting agencies that should help me out with that whether I’m here or there. I have to return to the states regardless, and I thought, damn, I need to make some money so I better be getting on my way.

I will also have time to devote to painting, which I love to do in the summer, outside in the country, at my mom’s. Reading books. Yoga. Writing. Growing my hair. Updating my blog with more pictures. I have so many to organize, but need to get them shrunk a bit to upload to my new flickr account. [Check the new links beneath the trees to the right.] So far, it’s pictures that are already fixed and I have hundreds more to get through to get them all up. A tree for every country. With images galore. Stay tuned for that. But I also hope to be working working working to repay more of the debt that I gather on my travels.

So, that’s me. I have been writing my dreams and secret thoughts for myself again. Reflecting on what’s best and moving in that direction. Don’t ask me my plans, because they ALWAYS change.

See you on the flip side, if not sooner.