Writing and listening to music. Beth Orton. DJ Shadow. Sublime. Nice. Dancin in an empty apartment with the ocassional bang of the window washer against the window. Feelin good. Getting ready to take a walk in what is expected to be 22C weather, record for London. They say summer is here. Oh it will be much hotter where I will be this summer. And I think I like it, the idea of getting out all those clothes I used to wear in BKK.

I just bought my ticket to Detroit today. I leave from London, Gatwick on June 12 and arrive after two stopovers and nine hours later. I have booked my return flight for August 17th. So stay tuned for all the projects, thoughts and adventures that are bound to happen in between.

If I had that unlimited supply of money, I would take the online EFL course, finish it in two weeks and head to Haiti for a month to teach ESL at a school in Port Au Prince. But I would need to raise some money for the plane ticket and I also need to make some money to pay for the one I just purchased, not to mention fees for re-entering the UK on a work permit or fees for all the rockin stuff I could do this summer. So, plan is to find work ASAP. And keep searching for the oportunities and dreaming about the places I can go during other school holidays. It may be a different story if I hadn’t taken all this time off this year to LIVE LIFE.

And who can complain. It’s time to get back in to a pay check. I’ve seen amazing things, met amazing people and from the front line, not just in a film or in a book. I’ve been in it, to it, through it. Whatever. And I’m so thankful for it. Like my friend Manda just recently said, it’s always better to be poor in money and rich in experience rather than rich with money and poor in understanding. I love it love it want more of it. All in time. All in time.

Time to get back to the dance floor.