I was sweating today. And for reasons other than physical recreation. It was a record 27C today (yes, I know BKK folk, we are used to 39C at this time of year…ah the good ole days of tropical heat). It was beautiful. And tomorrow will be almost as beautiful and the next day is expected to be much worse. The rain will be back. But today. We live in today and the sun is just setting at 8:30pm. It still probably won’t be dark for another hour. I have been reading and walking and working on fixing up pics and posting them to my new flickr account. To the right you can see the latest additions. Each category will grow as I have time to add to it from my huge archive files. I have this past year to catch up with and the four previous have been filled with adventures as well. Since I am expecting a somewhat quiet summer it should be possible.

As you can see, I love trees. So my next post will be understandable, whether you agree with me or not. Stay tuned for: Rainforest Destruction: the man who killed the rainforest.

Oh, and an exciting note: I put in my name (Kara Melissa) on google and this lovely blog came up numero uno. Awe yeah.

PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY THEO!!! remember the rockin party last year in BKK? and the cab ride you took back to Khao Sarn Rd? ah, the life in a good night of celebration…