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Insomnia Strikes Again

I can’t sleep. The sun decided to creep through the curtains and awake me from my dreams. My mind was in a knot thinking about all the things that are shifting, even if for a short term. I leave tomorrow am for the trip to the airport and then the long flight back to the states. I have a couple of plane changes and although it adds more to my frequent flyer miles, it sure does take up several more hours of my day. So it goes. [But why am I complaining, let’s recall flights from Asia!] I shall arrive in Detroit at 9.20pm and run into the open arms of my mother and who ever else decides to surprise me. I can’t wait. What better time to visit than summertime? (Sorry Shay, I love the heat!)

I appreciated the thoughts and comments from folks regarding my article and my brother’s birthday. Some of you know how those anniversaries can be. The Frida exhibit was amazing. I quite enjoyed it. I had always imagined her work to be larger. Perhaps it was the film that brought this idea to my mind. I learned a lot about her artwork and her life. I enjoyed the sketches as much as her paintings. I think her portraits illustrate her talent, but I enjoy the political, feminist, and personal messages in her more bold paintings. She also prefers not to be considered a Surrealist. I recall reading a comment by the artist Tracy Emin, who said that Surrealists pretend to be crazy, but Frida really was. She painted what she experienced, how she saw it in her mind. I feel that she painted what some of us may see, but are too afraid to acknowledge it. Perhaps.

We found our way to the Westminster Abbey and it was already closed to tourists. The evening service was ending as well. So we continued wandering and found our way to the Westminster Cathedral. We sat a few moments and listened to the priest perform the service in a sing-chant style in Latin. It reminded me of the intro pieces of Enigma songs. I then lit a candle for Josh and we headed out the door in search of food.

We made our way to Brick Lane, which is an area in the East full of Bangladeshi and Indian resturaunts. We settled with The Monsoon and enjoyed an Indian feast similar to one we might have in India, but not quite(nothing quite compares when you have eaten food in the country of its origin). After a free round of drinks, a 25% discount, and full bellies, we were on our way. We stumbled into a very hip and trendy area. Artsy folks drinking beers and eating organic foods at picnic tables outside a very large brewery. We found ourselves weaving in an out of large, warehouse style rooms with free beer, checking out the opening night of a nearby college of computer design graduate exhibit. Ali collect innovative and artistic business cards while I did the same with postcards. We met some of the artists and thought of our friends that would have enjoyed this uber cool maze of exhibits, like Theo.

I have some exciting projects I hope to get into while in Michigan. I have a few newly burned cd’s to learn French at my side, courtesy of our flatmate, Mark. And I have lots of beautiful people to spend my time with, inbetween earning money for my next adventures…