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Safe Arrivals

Physically, I have arrived safely back into the loving arms of my mother, greeting me through tears of happiness at the Detroit Metro airport. I have settled in, bags still unpacked, in the room upstairs, which once belonged to me long ago. I even painted it! Now it seems to belong to all of the things I have collected and stored in plastic bins and bozes on my travels and lives elsehwhere…We are back to family dinners, now with the added presence of my grandparents who are living also here. There are never lonely moments, but always time to be alone.

Emotionally, I’m tetering. I don’t really feel like writing to tell you all that life is great and I’m so excited about all the future prospects I have. I find myself in a place I haven’t been in such a long time. On the edge of a diving board, deciding whether to jump in or run back to the stairs and climb down.

And so while I figure out this life of mine, my writing may be directed elsewhere in the secret depths of the blog world. These fingers may decide to dance across the canvas with colors I haven’t seen in a long time, rather than across the black and white computer keyboard. My energies may be directed at catching up on my ‘books to read list’ and tuning in to my new French lessons. I’ve already started the latter and I am tre’ palpitant about the language hopping from tongue to thought.

So, don’t ask me where I’m going, just listen to where I am. And I’ll do the same.