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Switzerland, Here I Come!

Unbelievable!!!! Just as I sent the previous blog to post, Ali sent me an email and then called and then I received an email from the director of a school in Schaffhausen, Switzerland whom I interviewed with prior to leaving London. I called her back and she offered me the job. I am flying so high right now. Feeling lost and confused one moment and the next suddenly knowing where I am headed!

AAAAHHHHHHH!!!! Thank you God!

I will be teaching a PYP1 (Grade 1, age 6/7) class of 11 kiddies in a town just outside Zurich. Flights between Zurich and London are cheap and quick. I will have 15 weeks of holidays and Ali works every other week (until the Observer decides they can’t live without him). So, from being totally lost a moment ago, I am now totally employed! (Funny how they correlate…)

I need to arrive a few days before August 8. So I will return to London before that and then fly from there. I still get my summer here and now I can really enjoy myself, albeit still needing some summer employment!. I can’t even think about the logistics at the moment. I am so happy.

I will be taking PYP training in Greece in September and the school will pay for it!!! My newly learned French will come in handy and I can re-learn German!!! And one of my best friends from Thailand, Liz, will be living in Germany!!!

Here’s the amazing thing: I didn’t even apply for the job. I applied to another school in Switzerland. They hired someone else but then sent on my CV to the director of ISSH, without my knowledge, and she contacted me out of the blue, just before we were leaving for Scotland to collect our things. If she had called a day later, we would have been out of town.

Is this what fate is?

Do I dare mention how much money I will be making? More than I have ever made, more than twice what I have made in a year ever in my life thus far. I can live comfortably, travel, learn languages and pay off my debt. Exactly what I need. And Ali will just be an hour plane ride away…Apartment in London. Apartment in Shaffhausen/Zurich. Rock the freak on.

My thoughts are like a spiderweb. Criss-crossing and bouncing left, right and back again. Glimmering in the morning dew as the sun rises on the horizon. I need to take a deep breath and revel in the thought that good things do happen to good people and my angels were talking to God again for me.