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Heat. Nephews. Thoughts of Ali. Posting pictures to flickr. Responding to emails. Blog beautification. Blog browsing. Cleaning. Cooking. Baking. Family. Friends. Walks. French lessons. Music. Letter writing. Art. Errands. Packing. Posting. Phone calls. Reading. Online browsing. Lingerie. Furniture from IKEA. Switzerland culture and places. Flights. Finances. Relaxing. Being in good company. Reflecting in my mind.

Everything but writing.

There you have it. And I’m off for the weekend into the week to visit Holland, Michigan. Another much needed reunion among old friends. Thursday, June 30 until Tuesday, July 5. The big Fourth of July celebration of FREEDOM. [The meaning/significance of this weekend changed for my family and me nine years ago — see below]. I’m looking forward to meeting Betsy and Shonn’s new baby, Noah, and catching up with the entire crew, while crashing at J and A’s new pad. Looking forward to lotsa laughs and good conversation — not to mention the local brew on tap. Ready or not, here I come!

Happy Birthday to Quincy today.

Moments of remembrance for my dear friend Adam this week, who we lost two summers ago and for my brother Josh, lost nine years ago July 2. Everyone misses you both. This I know.