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Thank You

Mucho Gracious. Merci Beaucoup. Danke Shon. Kap Khun Ka. All that good stuff. I had a most fabulous time with my friends in Holland this weekend. The Divozzo’s. The Ramirez’s. The Weezeman’s. Beth (one half of the Krasman’s). The Verhelst’s. The Terpstra’s. [And Ali, calling me daily to keep me in the G8 loop.] I laughed until my stomach ached and kept on laughing. I danced until I could stand no more. [And I drank until I could drink no more.] I roasted in the sun until I could roast no more and dipped into oh so chilly Lake Michigan.

I love being surrounded by people that accept me as I always am, any way that it is I come to them. They take care of me in so many ways. I hope to see ya’ll sometime again soon. We’ve got the holidays and perhaps you’ll find your way over to the slopes of Switzerland. And oh, how I would love to post pictures. But I was sans camera, so hopefully some of the memories get sent in my direction because I love to see those beautiful, smiling faces!