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The G8

It was not so surprising to me that most people whom I mentioned Ali’s role covering the G8 conference and protests leading up to the conference, did not know what the G8 was, or had heard very little about it. Something along the lines of a big concert. I wasn’t so surprised because I am in America and I suppose I expected Americans to be mostly concerned with who would be performing at the Live 8 concerts rather than which organizations would be attending the G8 protests. As well as the fact that “the US president, George Bush, has already said he will not sign up to anything that damages the country’s economic interests.” . So, rest well US citizens, your money will instead be sent to Israel in the form of weapons fighting Palestinian Refugees.

The feel is much different from being in London while Live 8 was announced and the events that were planned leading up to the G8 conference. I understand that the conference is being held in Edinburgh, Scotland, but please. Eight of the world’s political leaders of the wealthiest countries are gathering together to discuss how to make poverty history. Why can’t I find any headlines in the NYTimes? Instead, I turn to the BBC as well as The Guardian to check up on the current happs of the pre-G8 protests and the upcomming G8 coverage. But not before heading to my number one correspondent, Mr. Ali Sharp at Post No Bills.

In case you, fellow readers, feel the much reccommended need to catch up on what the G8 is all about, I’ve searched for a couple other links you might find helpful. To learn about Trade Justice. The official Make Poverty History site. A US, Christian based org, World Vision. And the official G8 Gleneagles site. Thank you for choosing education over ignorance.