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Protesting at the G8

I wish I was…but instead, I listen to Ali’s report on SBS radio and I can feel the excitement in the air. Bongos playing behind the Sudanese man responding to his interview questions. Accents from indiviuals from all walks of life all gathered to fight for various things they believe in. Everyone wants to see change, positive change. But what are all the protests about? Why did protesters want to blockade the Sheridan to keep delegates from attending the G8 conference? I’ve spent some time doing my research and thought I’d make it easier for you. Indymedia UK has a section on their site that gives a break down of the topics being discussed at the summit table, as well as sources to back them up, in order to educate the public. So, head here, to find information behind the topics before the delegates:

Environment and Climate Change | Arms Trade and Anti-Militarism | Poverty and Debt | Market and Corporate Free Trade | Borders and Migration

Right-e-o. So, I’m going to contact my man on the scene as well as read up on some more of these items myself.