Family, London

London Bombings

My mother woke me up this morning with the news that there was NEWS going on in London. Knowing that Ali was safe, sleeping in Edinburgh, covering the G8 helped me not slip into panick mode. However, once I tried to contact him via mobile, I soon discovered that the mobile networks were jammed or down. I quickly sat down at the computer and dove into BBC reports. Then I called Ali’s Aunt Gillian, in Dundee Scotland, to check up on the rest of his family located throughout London and find out how to locate Ali on a landline. Everyone is fine in our circle of friends and family in London. I spoke with Ali, and true to his journalistic qualities, he wants to be on the first bus into town to cover the story. He was due to take the Megabus into Central London this evening, but with the current shutdown of all transportation into, out of and within London, his departure from Edinburgh may be delayed. Ali has already written a report on the explosions and I continue to be glued to the BBC as well as listening to NPR. My thoughts and prayers go out to those who directly experienced the bombings and I am thankful that those in my life are safe.