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More Displaced Palestinians

Sometimes I understand why my NYtimes news posts go unopened in my yahoo inbox. I just need a break from the world. I want to get a good headline for every bad one, but I think those are hard to come by.

I don’t have a lot of energy right now, so I decided to just browse articles and see what was new in my previous, recent home, Israel-Palestine. True to form, more Palestinian’s are due to be displaced, 1000 of them in East Jerusalem, for a park in an area where it is claimed there are ruins of King David and his Dynasty. It’s all quite ridiculous [to me]. Here are a few sections from the article.

Over 1,000 Palestinians live in the 88 affected homes, and Palestinians had received orders to tear down 64 of the homes before the city agreed to reconsider, said Sami Ershied, one of the lawyers appealing the orders.

“How can they build a garden for a man who died thousands of years ago?” said Mr. Jalajil. “What, is King David going to come here and drink coffee?”

Peace groups, made up of both Palestinians and Jews, opposed the demolitions and gave tours of the area to diplomats and journalists.

Such a pattern is also emerging north of the Old City, enveloping East Jerusalem with a Jewish presence from three sides, cutting it off from the parts of the West Bank controlled by the Palestinians, Mr. Margalit said. This would have relevance to the peace process by pre-empting Palestinian claims for a capital in East Jerusalem.

“The goal is political,” said Mr. Margalit, who was a city employee in Jerusalem for 22 years. “It is not urban and not archaeological. Nobody believes they want to demolish 88 houses to make an archaeological park.”

Will it really ever end? Could there really be a two state solution? And what would it mean if there was, would it be fair and equal? Would settlers still live in places they shouldn’t live? Will Arab Isralies and Palestinians be allowed to travel freely to see their family and loved ones? Or will they be pushed further from their homes, continuously?

Again I protest, why can’t everyone just get along?