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Since I have renamed and revamped the look of this blog, I have also decided that it will hold more than just my poetry. Especially since I haven’t written poetry in a very long time. I tend to write poetry when I am traveling, and when I have just fallen into or out of love. Since I am not traveling much at the moment and I have been in love since April 2004, happy and content with this love, I haven’t found myself in the world of poetry lately. I have projects that I have swimming around in my mind, but I need to sit down and take the time to explore them because they involve integrating art and literature. These are some goals that I have. So for now, I will use this space to explore and note lit mags, art postings and sites that I want to bring to the attention of anyone interested, and perhaps note for myself later. I also want to search out contests and post them in order to motivate me to get writing creatively again. And, when I’m not writing creatively, sometimes I’m painting or putting colors together in anyway I can. And I want to post pictures of that as well. So, welcome to my creative side.