Art, Notable Links

Pinglet and Co.

In searching through blogskins I found some artwork that I quite liked. Once I followed the link to the artist, I discovered a kewl cat designing very kewl things. I went through all her designs and have decided that I want to create my own blogskin using one of her designs, after I see if it’s alright to do so from her, of course. [As well as get some assistance from Ali, seeing how I don’t know how to create a blogskin!] But check her out, Pinglet, in case you haven’t yet. She’s also posted quite a few links that I think are worth passing on as well. Another art/design site I have enjoyed browsing: Design is Kinky which led to a couple of other enjoyable links. One of them being dirtpress, an online magazine that I’ll be adding to my lit mag links to the right. The other, an artist in France, JS Rossbach, The Living Rope. There are more as well that I haven’t had time to look through. But once I do, I’ll pass them on.