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Yep. That’s right…I’m leaving already. Thursday evening [July 21], after hugging my mother tightly, I board the plan which hops through Newark (NY) and lands in London Friday morning around 8am, where I land into the arms of Ali. My beloved. A week and a half of R&R with him in the city and then I’m off to Zurich to begin my Switzerland adventures.

Last minute events involve spending as much time with my family as possible, catching up with friends over the phone and eventually packing. Today, I went to see “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” with Ethan and his mom, Bridget. Tim Burton and Jonny Depp make a great pair and there was eye candy for all to see, in the mist of an excellent story being retold. I do recommend it. And Roald Dahl. Who can forget the man which puts that twist into his children’s stories, reminding us that all lives are not perfect, and that fairytales are funky?

My computer is moving very slowy at the moment and the words are taking a bit of time to catch up with their shadows. And I am becomming frustrated. So, perhaps this moment of down time will no longer include blogging. [I think my virus database is updating AGAIN!] My mom and I are also in the middle of making a skirt out of the Scottish tartan that Ali’s Aunt Gillian gave me — ooh la la –, baking something yummy, sipping tea from Thailand, and listening to Tori Amos [The Beekeeper — FINALLY!]. I sure do love my momma!

I’ve added more lovely pics to my Michigan section, of our family trip to the zoo on Monday. [I’m not going to discuss the zoo, I believe that it was mentioned on my last trip in October, somewhere in the archives.] But those pics are by invitation only, so let me know if you need one! There are lots of pictures of my nephews which I adore oh so much.

I had the pleasure of spending my Friday afteroon with one of my dearest friends. We hadn’t seen each other in three years, after spending our Senior year in highschool getting to know each other in drawing and then painting class. The years that followed have been full of sharing secrets, sharing life and supporting each other despite distance. The moments spent together on Friday only reminded me of lost time and all the moments we were not there for one another when it would have been damn good if we had been. But aside from that, she always accepts me anyway that I am and time makes no difference. We pick up where we leave off and try to fill in the blanks in between and I am so thankful for that. She is an amazing woman and artist, my dear “teenagehood” friend, Melissa Ann Day. I hope the years don’t add up like they did previous before we see each other again.

And I digress.

It’s also time to restart this snail moving computer of mine.