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Bookstore Sandwhich

The open road was before me. The windows were rolled down, the sun was shining and the wind was blowing through my hair. I drove in one direction: forward. Today was my first day taking back the road. I’ve been here nearly six weeks and I haven’t ventured out on a day tip on the road on my own yet for various reasons…(I’m always afraid I will spend money I don’t have, I’m usually busy spending time with someone I love AND I don’t have a car.) I wanted to yell out a big WAHHOOO. Instead, I belted out the tunes on the the radio. Mostly songs from my past, the ones I know all the words to and hold little to no meaning after all these years. Summertime Rolls.

I spent my day with Border’s Bookstore sandwhiched inbetween two doctor’s appointments. One so that I can spend money I don’t have to stay responsible and not add another child to the world’s population when I can’t afford to take care of it, financially and as well as for selfish reasons (Planned Parenthood, aka cheaper contraceptives!) and the other that states I am in good health, well enough to teach the kiddies in Switzerland. It felt good to speak with doctors where we were both speaking the same language clearly. I felt like I could ask questions and receive complete, fullfilling answers in return. I loved the good old Bumungrad Hospital in BKK, but I also felt fully satisified that I was not just putting something into my system because “the Dr. says so.”

Inbetween doctor’s appointments I had time to visit the books store and the teacher store. As I zig-zagged through the aisles at the former — taking notes on all the new novels on the shelves that I will read when I find them again after I have some money in my pocketbook — I found myself at a section entitled “Original Voices.” On display were novels by new authors, some quite young. There was one I had been looking for after a mention in this months issue of Marie Claire: Snakes and Earrings [Hitomi Kanehara.] It wasn’t on the shelf with the other new novels, although she was featured in the pamplet, so I found someone to help me locate her, already [prematurely] shelved in fiction. I think they were hiding her due to the subject matter of the novel. When I had the book in my hands, I noted how small it was and flipping through the pages, I also noted the length, 120 pages. Totally readable right now, I thought to myself. In that moment, I went over to the coffee shop area and purchased the mocha that I have been craving all week. I sat down by the window and proceeded to read the entire book. Leaving me only ten minutes to get to the second doctor’s apointment, which was thirty minutes away. And it was so worth it.

I missed the teacher bookstore and didn’t have time to purchased the “Buy 3 for the price of 2” opportunity as I walked out the door, basking in the afternoon heat and the accomplishment of spending the afternoon in another world without having planned to. It felt wonderful. I can’t wait to do it again.