London, Personal

Back on London Time

And loving it.

It seems the grey weather and showers have decended upon London since I have arrived. But only with the weather. It has been fabulous to be in Ali’s company again, as well as help him settle into his new flat. Which is very cozy, completed by a relaxing tub — of which I have already decended into meditative state twice — and two black cats, Trixie and Dixie. And they love me. I’ve bumped my head a fair bit of times on the loft above while searching for an internet connection on a borrowed network on Ali’s very new and sleek computer, placed just beneath the bookshelf already fully lined with books to read. He’s back into his work week and I’ve found myself happily cooking in the kitchen, back to making the Thai and Indian curries that I both love cooking as well as eating. Yummy! We enjoy each other and the simple things and this makes me very happy. I have again found myself in a place where I am completely in the now, not searching for tomorrow or stuck in yesterday. I felt this way when I was in the states and it continues with me as I move forward. I do miss my family and friends already, but we are currently planning our trip to the states (MI and NYC) for the Christmas and New Year holidays.

So, in a short report from my London view, things here are good. Tomorrow we plan to venture into the city to get my Swiss Visa and poke around a bit. As I mentioned, the net connection here is fickle, so I will report when I can, but mostly, I’ll be busy with my man. Enjoy your days whether they be sunny or grey, I am.