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Searching for Music at Midnight

Ali has tons of albums on his new, sleek computer. And I have them all at my fingertips. Right now. What ambience do I want surrounding me on another evening — as I search through the thoughts swirling in my mind and the news on the net — while he works his night shift. I’m currently “into” the Sufjan Stevens that my friends and I all gabbed about during our latest reunion in Holland. We went to college with him at Hope and it’s always fun to celebrity grab, no? As I type, the net kicks off and I keep my fingers crossed that by the time I finish this post, it will be back on again. Ali and I bounce back and forth in each other’s email inboxes to keep each other company into the wee hours of the morning, distracting one from work and the other from creative projects or just thought in general.

We’ve set up tentative weeks on the calendar for hopping over to one another’s abodes in separate cities. I’ve found the kitten I want to accompany me in my future apartment seen recently on Big Brother (no, I am NOT addicted to that show, I just dip on in every once in awhile, or for a few moments each night…). Grey. Fluffy. Blue eyed. Thought a long haired would be too much work, but sometimes, beauty is worth it. Nothing intended other than the said statement. No underlying meanings unless you can dream up something fun enough in your imagination. And a lot of late night time on one’s own can induce varied ramblings.

Life goes on no matter where you are. The four London would be bombers of last weeks attempted attacks have been caught. We surround ourselves with police uniformed and plain clothed on the streets of London, just as everyone else does. Innocent men are shot to death in the height of panic in London and in Palestine, the location just doesn’t matter anymore. My grandmother stopped breathing and by the grace of God, my mothers prayers and resuscitation from medics sent by 911, she started again and now lies in a hospital I’m too far away to visit. Other family news arrived via the telephone with my mother on the other end of the line that just makes us sad. Some things aren’t necessary for sharing at this moment. Just know that even during happy times, sad things creep up on you. But, really, do I need to remind the rest of the world this? I think not, unfortunately.

Oh, but to keep things happy because that’s how we like it around here, there is always a rainbow after the rain and I’m moving to a new city on Tuesday!!!! And, I’ll be buying furniture for the very first time (all my previous apartments have been furnished), I’ll be learning languages, and I’m finally going back to work. Looking forward to all things on the horizon, and a beautiful one at that…Swiss Alps anyone? Reine River?

The scales are balanced. But that doesn’t always keep the tears from falling. And once again, that is OK.