Music Abounds

Thanks to late night roaming through ali’s music files, I am discovering lots of new music that I have been too out of the loop to discover for the past five years while living outside of the states (not that the states are the only producers of good music, but they do often provide more of a means to attain it than Bangkok where the only new music I discovered was pop that was only good for shaking my bootay at Koh Samet) Here are some of the tunes I have been filling my virgin music ears with:

Sigur Ross (I know my friend John has told me about him before)
Sufjan Stevens (went to school with him at Hope College)
Tenacious D (he’s freakin hilarious, even if crude at moments)
The White Stripes (yes, I’ve heard of them, just now getting to listen to them)
Belle and Sebastian (have also heard of from John, again, unable to explore til now)
Tom Waits (ali has been telling me about him forever)
Manu Chao (I know them a bit from Liz and Koh Pang Gahn)
4 Hero
Amon Tobin
CPI-Poetry is for Fairies
Thievery Corporation
The Magic Numbers
The Kills
The Killers
The Strokes
dj q bert
dj food

There are also many more that I am able to rediscover because they are at my fingertips. [Portisehead, PJ Harvey, Tricky, DJ Shadow, Sage Francis, Air] There is a cd list growing that ali is creating for me with mp3 files, so that means LOTS of music for me to discover.

To anyone out there, feel free to add artists/albums to my list for me to look out for and listen to. There are no genre limits.