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You know what? I’m movin to Switzerland in less than two days. Wow. At the moment, I’m listening to Peaches and making cd’s from my lover’s music to take with me. And last night I got creative with my other blog and tried to revamp some things. Creativity feels good. And I also discovered a few new sites that I must share and link in regards to design and such. Mandarin Design: very helpful in aiding me to change my blog template and in giving me some ideas of how to go about it and what to add/change. Maystar Designs: kewl gal whom provided ali with his initial template for his blog, so I decided to take a peek. Here is a girl with a story for her past and some creative designs, in all venues, not just blog templates. And last but not least, typoGenerator: creating kewl images with the text you provide. Enjoy. Utilize. Share.

Here are a few examples of what I’ve created with the help of typoGenerator, er, what they created with my text…