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If I had time to sit down and write a blog for all the thoughts I have had this week they might look like this:

I am in Switzerland and it is very green.
I still cant find the apostrophe on this Swiss/German computer keyboard.
The Reine River is the cleanest river I have ever seen.
My apartment is smaller than my classroom.
Attacked by the shower.
Phone obstacles.
Im going to see the Dalai Lama!!!!!
I hate Ikea furniture.
Spiders beneath ground, glowing at midnight against florescent lights and groovy grafitti.
Relearning German is a must.
Over the border (to Germany) and back again.
I saw the Dalai Lama!!!!!!
Dealing with afflicting emotions.[dalai lama lesson]
Learning the train system.
Swiss cost of living, oh so high.
Organizing flights and more flights.
Everybodys doing it and so are we.

I havent had a moment to write a blog, but I have had so many thoughts in this new town of mine, Schaffhausen. I love my walk to school, and tomorrow is my first day with meetings and setting up the class. I am working on getting internet and a phone at home and hopefully back into the swing of things or creating a new swing I suppose. I hope to create some entries from the scattered thoughts and moments above. Just know that I am well and adjusting to an entirely different way of life. But it will be beautiful, I mean, I freaking saw the Dalai this am and if you know me, then you know how amazing it was for me.

the element of my mind can ravish me
-from reading at Dalai Lama teaching