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Purple Leather Flip Flops

I survived the first week back to school, but not without criticism…

Apparently, my shoes are not a “good example” for the students at the school. Whom I might need to add, arrived with shoes on, and then changed into “house slippers” that they are to wear all day. But my purple leather flips flops are not appropriate as an example? “Have you been wearing these all day?” “Yes, except when I take them off to sit on the rug.” I feigned cultural difference, I have taught in Thailand for three years. I have entered homes and wats in Asia many times, but not before taking the shoes from my feet. I have seen families slip into their house slippers which, at times, resemble flip flops.

Need I have to remind the rest of the world, that I have not had a job for a year, therefore any shopping for articles of clothing or shoes have been limited only to necessity, which means I haven’t bought anything new in a year — except for my first pair of leather shoes since I was a vegan and then stopped being a vegan — as well as these purple leather flips flops, but I tell you, THAT IS ALL. Regarding these purple leather flip flops: I got them on sale while in Michigan (5usd!!!). I was so proud that I had found some nice, classy looking sandal-type flip flops.

And to think that I was just realizing how rich all of my students are with their parents being the ones who pay my salary…I suppose with payday around the corner, I will have to go buy myself some shoes. Maybe I should bring the critical assistant with me to make sure that my footwear would be a “good example” for the children at this school.

TCIS. The only school where purple leather flip flops are OK. May they rest in peace in my closet until next season…summer holiday.