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Journal Time

I taught my kids about journals today. We had a mini workshop making lists of things we could write about. I modeled my own journal entry like a good teacher and was interrupted by two of the boys who thought I needed English lessons because I didn’t know how to spell all of my words. I had to bite my tongue so as not to say: Duh, of course I know how to spell these words, I’m pretending I don’t so that YOU know what to do when you are writing and not sure how to spell a word! Instead I said, well, there are so many words to spell, I can’t remember how to spell all of them, but I can learn! Oh, dignity…

I started the timer and the kids stared blankly at their papers, with only the date strewn across the top. I took my seat next to a student and also began to write (more modeling!). I found myself staring at my blank paper as well, until I looked out the window and all I saw was greyness and rain. So this is what I came up with…

It’s grey and rainy in Schaffhausen. Walking to school in the rain, I wondered why I left my umbrella in London with Ali. Perhaps I thought I had also left behind the rain, but that was not so. I have discovered that the rain has followed me and it’s here to stay. I’ve been warned about the harsh Autumn and Winter here. Not because of the temperature, but because the sun rarely shows her face. [Interrupted by student: Kara, why do you have a tattoo on your back?] I think about the possibilities of sitting at my computer, typing away at a story, cozy under a blanket. Always the aspiring writer. I imagine stretching out on my non-existent floor into Cobra Pose. I imagine myself propped up on my pillows with a German book in my lap, studying a language which tinkers in my brain waiting for me to get it out and dust it off.

“Times up. Five minutes to finish writing or share with a friend at your table.”

Most of the kids finish writing. I look at the clock and sigh in relief, it’s morning break time. Oh, break, how I love thee. I read over my journal entry and see myself working hard to be positive about the grey blanket of weather and thoughts that clouds my smile. Somehow the weather seems to fit my mood. I can’t say I always enjoy walking in the rain, arriving more on the wet than the dry side, to school. But when it’s sunny, I feel lonely, without someone to share it with. Without someone to walk along the Reine at my side or sit at a cafe with me and talk about life, important things, or nothing at all.

Oops. I mean, it’s great. I love moving and starting all over, it’s no problem at all.

Breaks over.