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Hiding Out

In the sunshine. In the arms of Ali. In this cozy place. Along the Rheine. In street cafes. Licking ice cream cones. Sipping wine.

I returned from the airport with a smile on my face, a message from Ali in my pocket, a kiss lingering on my lips, and a hunger in my stomach. I walked into an empty, neat apartment. I sat down to my computer and switched it on. Poured some of Ali’s Coco Puffs into a large bowl, and drenched them with soy milk. I ate them in silence. His music wasn’t playing in the background. But his heart was in mine and the memories of my week painted a permanent smile on my face. He brought the sunshine and I was happy that it had decided to stay even after his departure.

The apartment hadn’t been too small. There was room for both off us. He made my lunches and met me at the Rheine daily. He walked halfway to school to meet me each afternoon. He had dinner ready for me or in mid preparation. I caught a cold from my students and he pampered me. We spent an evening in Zurich, taking pictures in a world of blue (note Switzerland tree link added to the left, linked to some new photos on flickr) He brought me music and a mp3 player to play it in. We curled up in each other’s arms to devour an entire season of Six Feet Under, except for the finale…We were happy. We are happy. It feels emptier here without him, but like he said, he is always here, always with me.

We booked slews of flights, for the next few months to see each other, including the flight via NYC for Christmas. Now we are looking into planes, trains and automobiles for the trip from NYC to Michigan and back again after two and a half weeks time for a few days in the Big Apple.

I just spoke to my nephew Ethan, sharing the news about arriving for Christmas; he was so excited, he ran in to tell the rest of the family. I can see the smile on his face as clear as I see him waving goodbye to me at the airport in July. My mom is having a joint birthday party for my nephews Logan and Parker, now three and two. I spoke to Logan earlier when he answered the phone with a “Wassup!” I love those kids tremendous amounts.

I have a weeks worth of in class journal snipits I plan to post, but it’s a bit late this evening. So look for some flashbacks this week. And now that I have Ali’s camera, look out for more pics!

This one is just for Ali…

Just five more weeks til London…