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Nature Inspires Writing

Going backwards…24 Aug.

On my walk to school today, the mist danced over my black pants, settling with a light sparkle. I glanced up at the spiders, resting in their cocoon like webs from the tears of nature. The graffiti on the walls lining the underpass surrounded me in a colorful blanket. Bikes zig zagged around the corner with a warning bell to let me know they were coming and I sided up next to the wall, looking above me, almost feeling the spiders dropping their eggs into my hair.

Once I surfaced above the underworld, my steps echoed on the pavement, water splashing against my heels. The river flowed fiercely towards the dam, and I spotted a duck caught in its current. His emerald feathers glimmered like newly washed jewels in the reflection of the grey clouds. The drizzle continued to move over the water as the Mallard struggled against a current that threatened to pull him under.

Sardonically, I smiled at the helpless duck, thinking how much a mirror of life he is. Alone. In a big vast expanse, swimming against the current. When we find ourselves doing this, even choosing to do this, we become that much stronger once we make it to the safety of the river bank. I hoped he would make it as I walked on, reminiscing about times I have swam against the current and landed, belly up, on the river bank myself.

Slugs crawled on the path in front of me. My feet avoided their path. Snails with swirls on their backs slithered up the wall to my left. Dare I make another analogy with nature? Climbing the mountain, the struggle to get to the top, only to enjoy the smooth trail downhill that awaits? Since I already did, I will end here. Where the ink ran out of pen.