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Oh We Can Laugh About It Now…

Yes, that’s right. My computer went kaput this morning. I was reading the world news headlines with my lovely Mozilla Firefox search engine and sipping coffee and being the clutz I apparently am, I spilled my coffee all over my laptop. Ya. Nicht so gut. I frantically cleaned the area and wrote a quick message to Ali and this was the state of my computer at this point:

hi love
sorry didn’t get to write a wonderful message to send
you off on your day. my coffe spilt on my computer
and as i was cleaning it up my cereal spilt on the
rest of my desk. oh it’s a lovely friday in dedeed.
now i have to get redady for work anda drink the rest
of my coffee when i can. my computer saeems to be ok,
but who knows isf it reallay is. it’s not as high
tech as yours, so this coulad be helpful. oh it is
not okk, it kaeeps typing
aas where it daoesat nmeeda to. sfauuuuuuuuuuuuuuck.
i’m going to go now befaore i fauckaing falaip out.
plaease asenda me saome laove ifa you get a
chance….i daon;at aknow what to ado about the aaaa

Right. I didn’t realize that the a’s were just interjecting and I kept deleating them at first, thinking my typing skills were just awful, then I noticed what was happening.

Later this afternoon, I came home and flipped my computer on only to be greeted with several loud beeps in succession. The screen went blank and all was quiet. So I let it sit and went upstairs to Paula’s. After coming back down and unplugging everything, the lights were still on but the computer was still blank and soundless. I likened the situation to “computer in coma”. I ate. Drank a glass of wine (very far from my computer) and then tried again. Paula stopped by with her computer to lend me and I thought, I’d give it one last go before setting hers up. And here I am. Typing away. Thank you God. Really. This is one thing I just couldn’t handle. My computer is my lifeline here. As ridiculous as that may seem to some of you, it truly is.

On another note. I visited a rockin, cozy apartment this afternoon. Two other people want it too, so keep your fingers crossed for me. The gal in it now is lovely and just moving next door. There are plants and a garden and it’s on my favorite street. It felt like a space I could do a lot of writing and it felt like a place where I could make some friends.

Oh the little things in life we so often take for granted.

It’s Friday night and where am I? That’s right, waiting for Ali to ring. And somehow, in this moment, that’s ok with me.