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Happy Birthday Blog

I know. The archives begin at December 2003. But that was me backtracking. I recall my first blog post, after choosing a very simple tree template that would be replaced sometime later. Ali and I were in a tiny computer shack with the rain pouring down, pattering above our heads on the roof, simply made from a sheet of metal. The air was cool in the McLeod Ganj mountains and it was nearing the end of our journey through India.

I remembered that I began this blog sometime last September, so I took a look into my archives this evening. Ironically, it was a year to this day that I posted my first real blog post. In a place of peace and balance. Very fitting for our International Day of Peace. I hadn’t yet heard the Dalai Lama speak, but the Tibetan chants of his people filled my heart.

For a good ole flashback, check it out. September 21, 2004.