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Kara and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Morning

Oh, yes, the sun is shining, but only on the outside. Ali is still at the pub, my mom is at work and Paula is also still at work. That about does it for my venting list. So I resort to my fellow readers while also creating some sense of peace — I hope — within myself after getting this out.

I decided to go to work today because I thought I could hack it at least for a half day. Still feeling awful; scratchy throat, coughing fits and let’s not forget clearing the sinuses from green phlem build up — oh, but at least they are clearing, right? ha! — I took the bus. It’s only a fifteen minute walk, so it’s quite a short ride. When I got on I saw the Head Teacher and gave her my health update. I should have stayed home. Yes, but I needed to get out. Two days holed up in my apartment was enough. Besides I wanted to go to a doctor and had no idea where to go. Probably my favorite thing about where I am working is the staff. They are so helpful and caring it is unbelievable. After today, I would say my least favorite thing about where I work is the parents. I must restrain myself here from exploding.

While I was spending my BREAK time preparing challenging games and activities for all the smart kiddies in my class, everyone else was sipping tea in the staff room. I then was invited to speak to my boss about an email a parent had sent her regarding me and my teaching practices. Now, knowing the parent it came from, I expected something tactless. Exactly what I got. Rewarding children for good behavior by making brownies, giving them book marks and extra DEAR time AND doing fun and yummy M&M Math is a VERY BAD thing to do. Give your children a treat?! Oh no. Every four weeks, I am not allowed to do anything involving sweet treats. Let’s not go back to discuss the hours I spent looking for both sugar and sugar free treats, peanut and peanut free treats. Bad teacher. Also the “H”,”H” or “H” (hug, handshake, or high-five) at the end of the day is totally OUT. Do not enter a one foot radious of my child because I am from [blank] country and I am paranoid that my child will feel any form of physical affection outside of the family unit. I teach five, six and seven year olds.

[The paragraph that went here was lost to the depths of the blogworld because somehow for five minutes my “blog was not found” when I tried to post. I might have just freaked out had I not been able to recover at least some of it. I suppose these things come at you all at once. When it rains it pours, they say.]

How long do I have to stay here? Thank God that I have a two week holiday in October and I am going to Greece to learn about the PYP this weekend. But how much of it will I be able to teach? Oh right, I am super teacher and I can teach what the parents want, a rigid paperwork classroom, and also what the school wants, the PYP curriculum. And let me tell you I am so freaking sick of Biff and Chip books. How are you supposed to teach children about the main character when the only books they read are stories produced from machines that always have the same main character? Does anyone value REAL literature anymore?

I am a good teacher, but right now — in this moment — I am so ready for a new profession.