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Dessert First

Sometimes my title never finds itself in my post. But it’s always the first thought I have when I sit down to type on blogger. And this was what I thought today. It had to do with eating left over birthday cake before dinner…and so here I go, back over the weekend in memory…

So YES. Happy brithday to the love of my life over and over again. We celebrated in style. Plans were hush hush as I spent the last two months emailing emailing emailing to gather folks from all over in celebration of ali. Folks came in from Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. Calls and webcamming arrived from Australia and many more were invited sending in best wishes via email.

Friday night I baked a yummy chocolate on chocolate cake, after speaking to both my mom and my grandmother for a combination recipe of some sort. Ali faithfully checked cooking converstions online for me while I was up to my elbows in flour and chocolate powder. Then we settled into a cuddle and watched the rest of Like Water for Chocolate. Yummy.

My mind is full of the memories just created and my body already aches for ali’s embrace. Oh, so sappy. But there are things to do and life to live and we go on. Ali arrived back in London and after dropping his bags was off again on the underground to cross town for Arabic lessons (how many of you read this just to find out what ali is doing? Come on, you know who you are, and perhaps I do too 🙂 And myself, I settle in to my evening routine of checking emails, catching up on blogs and sifting through V-day emails and deciding what to do next. The next five weeks is one long dry spell away from ali, but it is also the time I need to get this V-day campaign on it’s feet.

So, here it is, an update of sorts and then I dive back into something new, something old. Whatever takes my mind elsewhere and the lonelies subside…

* * *

After a quiet evening on Friday, I woke before ali Saturday morning, and crawled out of bed. I could hardly sleep for the excitement of revealing one surprise after the next. I put on my hat and gloves and set out to get the Swiss espresso cup that ali kept asking me about and a few other small details, like 24 candles. Once back, I made breakfast and ali woke from slumber just as it was set on the table. I revealed the first surprise: Bob Dylan tickets for Sunday night in Zurich. Wahoo. Ali has been diggin on Dylan for ages and it was all that I had to do but bite my tongue off so as not to spill the beans. After this, we prepared for the trickle of guests who would each be a surprise themselves. Later, at the train station, we picked up an old friend we met in Nazareth, Xemina, and headed in to Zurich. Rol was waiting for us at an e-cafe and as I sent text messages out and about, Dave and Vitty snuck up behind ali in the hotel bar where ali and I would be staying later that evening. Reunited. The boys.

We drank. We were merry. We feasted upon fine Lebanese food at a large over flowing table of 14. The candles on the cake glowed almost as bright as ali’s smile as he made a wish and blew them out. Then it was to the dance floor with the belly dancer where I joined them later. After an evening split at a sports bar and a far more trendy place where the boys sat around telling ancient (and new) jokes, we headed into slumber, smiles on our faces. Sunday, it was grey and cold and we found ourselves warmed by tea and coffee at a vegetarian place in the old town in Zurich. We stayed for hours and played game after game of UNO. I looked around and felt so warm inside. It had been so long since I just sat in on a Sunday afternoon and did nothing much but be happy with old friends. I was happy ali was sharing them with me, since mine are still on another continent.

And the cherry on top. Bob Dylan. Full of blues and a tune I hadn’t heard Bob sing before. We were so far away from the stage that for most of the concert I was looking at the wrong person thinking it was Dylan. Oh we can laugh about it now. I nearly cried at the encore, Like a Rolling Stone and All Along the Watch Tower. And before that, he sang ali’s favorite too…It just felt good to be there. Ali and I decided we didn’t quite have the words to describe it, but if we did, they would all be good. [ali did have one, but I forget it at the moment, although I do remember the description that came with it and I think my brain just needs a break; I’m kind of catching up because I know I need to]

So, here it is, my obligatory catch up blog. I arrived home after 6pm again this evening. When ali isn’t here, it seems it’s easy to do. I tutor now on Monday nights after school and it’s good, easy money. And it’s needed. After the weekend celebrations, pocket money is good stuff. In the weeks ahead, you will be seeing ore of me. I have time time time. And it’s due to snow by the end of the week. I shall be warm ad cozy in my new flat. But now, I must get to work on a flier for V-day and I have a goal to head back into Zurich this weekend to pass them out. And I’ve also promised myself to study French tonight. Yes, I am aware that they speak German here…

P.S. If you want to see photos from Greece, you can click here. And I will get photos posted from the weekend as soon as possible. Let’s remember the coffee incident and this can remind us why my computer is so slow…