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Poppy Seed Cake

So here I am on my first VDAY campaign outing. My fingers are now entering dethaw mode as I hold my cafe creme between hands, shifting to write. Poppy seeds melt in my mouth and I am happy to be here.

Here. Zurich. Here. A cinema cafe in the old town. Old movie posters cover the walls and I search around for a spot I might leave some VDAY fliers. With each sip of coffee, I begin to warm from the inside out. I thank God the sun was shining today and that I woke feeling refreshed rather than ill, as I had felt all week.

I began my day feeling motivated because of these things. I walked along the river to school to print up a few things and complete the fliers and larger posters. While on the train I folded each brochure and wrote my VDAY email contact at the bottom.

Once arriving, I stopped at the Tourist Office to get a map and left some brochures to be set out with the other Zurich events for would be travellers. My first shop stop was at The Body Shop on Bahnhoffstrasse. I would need to contact headquarters to get permission to leave fliers. So I will do that this week.

I left about a dozen of each flier version at the English bookstore. Perhaps because it sells only English books, they had heard of The Vagina Monologues and were supportive. I will visit again next week to see about restocking with more VDAY information.

I stopped by a couple of lingerie shops. One gal took an example for her boss to look over that week and another woman refused to even see the information.

I walked to the lake and saw the Alps for the first time, peaking through the clouds. The sun was beginning to set behind the city and an orange-pink hue was settling over the water.

Then my fingers began to get cold. I decided to search for a cafe and an ATM. On my way, I posted a couple of the large posters in places where I think it was ok, but wasn’t so sure. I looked over my shoulders for the Polezei to come and get me. Not really knowing the rules here (and there are many), it felt even more exhilarating.

Well. I’m off in search of more cafes to leave my VDAY stamp behind.

journalled: 19 November, 5.30pm

*This entry has been cross posted with a new blog I have set in motion that is specifically for VDAY. V-Day Zurich 2006 The face of it may change as I continue adding information and create the best layout for information, visitors and vagina warriors.