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Snow That Sticks

I awoke to a scraping noise. I wasn’t afraid. I lay awake on my back, staring into darkness. I waited until the seven bells chimed at the cathedral in the centre of the stadt. While laying there, I imagined someone clearing the walkway because of snow. That was my only explanation of the scraping and I was hoping for a little magic this morning. I thought of old, favourite movies and of writing on my blog when I got out of bed– even if it made me late for work. Some things are more important than others and I am learning that my job is no longer one of the important things. It’s just a means for survival at the moment.

I climb out of bed and tiptoe over the cold floor into the kitchen. I pull back the white and orange curtains left by the previous tenant. I lift the shutters, already closed in hopes to keep extra warmth from escaping to the outside. There it was. A blanket of snow wrapping around each empty tree branch. Flat on top of the artist’s workshop behind my home. An unrolled carpet over the concrete. Fluff on top of once green grass.

I put the kettle on. Opened my emails from ali. Felt love love love and hopped into the shower. Like an excited child, I thought about what I could wear and the fact that I don’t have any boots yet or really much winter clothing. Hiking boots? Hot pink tennies? Hmmmm.

It’s time to make my coffee and get ready for work.

Happy Birthday Jen.

Today is also the UN Day to Irradicate Violence Against Women. It has been celebrated on this day since 1981. It was first created to remember the Mirabal Sisters assinated by the Truillo Regime in the Dominican Republic. You may have read about them in a book written by Julia Alvarez, In the Time of Butterflies. Or perhaps you saw the film. It’s an amazing story of women fighting a powerful regime. Today I will also remember them, and all the women that have suffered and continue to suffer from violence in all forms around the world.

Have a snowy day.