Cleaning House

I’m organising items somewhere in the web world, ie. emptying old email accounts (I have way too many for so many different items) and unsubscribing to lists I never read.

In doing so, I came across an old “fan” email that was written to me, wow, now that I realise it, a year ago today. It was at a time when this blog was newish and full of poetry at the beginning of its pages. I haven’t written poetry for months and months, but have been encouraged to do so again recently. We’ll see. Anywho, since I’m emptying the email, I thought I’d post it here, for me to remember that once, I had a fan. A fellow reader, if you please.

Her links don’t exist anymore and I hope that after visiting her blog back then, she is ok today.

Hey Kara,
U have a comments thingy that does not work, hence
this email. I stumbled upon ur blog & really really
liked ur poetry. Beautiful. really.

Just wanted to tell u/…
I have the crappiest blog ever. used to write poetry
myself & haven’t done so in a really long time
now…Strangely, i wrote one yesterday ( well, can’t
really call it a poem ) after a really long time &
then today i stumbled upon ur blog. Inspirational
stuff there. I’m at
Not that its great or anything….but yeah. its mine &
i love it for just being there for me.

Ok, then. u take care & carry on with the poetry. U
got a fan here.

I thanked her then and I’ll thank her now, although since then I have also changed my blog address for this site. So we float together in the black abyss of blogspot.