Photos, Switzerland

Another World…

…was discovered today. Right here. In Switzerland. It was sparkling beneath the bright orange sunlight, rays shining forth from the sky. The trees weighed heavy with magic snowdust left from last week’s snowfall. Tightly packed snow creaked beneath the tram as it crawled up up up the side of the mountain. Our faces stared to our left, then right, then left again as the scenery shifted on either side. Edging up above the clouds, noses glued to the window, breath clouding the glass, eyes popping out of our heads. Our fingers fumbled with cameras as we streched our necks to get the perfect shot. Click. Click. Click.

Blue Hues
Once at the top, we scurried out from the warmth of the tram and into the chill of the world above Lake Luzern. “It’s like we are in heaven,” Paula shouted. Rashan went over to the edge and stared at the snowy powder dancing in the cold wind. A few snowboarders zig-zagged down the mountain. The Alps stretched before us, each peak with its own name, each side with its own story to climb. The clouds rose like cotton between the distance from our peak to those across the great expanse of land lost below and began to turn pink as the sun slowly moved down. I recalled the morning ali and I spotted Mt. Kangehenjunga from Darjeeling. It was our last morning there and as we finished breakfast atop a roof terrace resturaunt, its’ pride exploding through the clouds into my virgin mountain view eyes. I let out an orgasmic sigh at the beauty and expanse of the world before me.

Up Top
C’est Moi, On Top of the World
It *was* like being in heaven. I felt detached from the world below. After a hot mug of mulled wine and a pastry to warm my belly, we went back into the icy air, feet crunching on crisp snow in an attempt to explore the surrounding area before the sun disappeared all together. I ran from one edge of the drop off to the other, posing for pictures, gearing up my camera for more. As the clouds became pinker, the sky moving from orange to blue, this world danced before me. I could see nothing below. No civilisation. Not even the pine trees poked through the soft, cushin-like layers of the clouds. I felt like I was in an oasis that I had needed since I arrived. This moment, this world, this was why I came to Switzlerand.

Care Bear Cloud View

For the rest of the photos from today’s adventure, visit my flickr Luzern link.