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Oh Yeah

So I’ve published my itinerary for the next few weeks over to the left, in the sidebar. It’s going to be quite an adventure and I CAN’T WAIT.

I’ve been packed since Tuesday. I’ve caught up on emails. I’ve mailed the Christmas cards. I even made cards for each of my students. I love silver on black paper. And trees. Always trees. It’s been good to so some form of art. Soothing.

It’s been cold here. But no snow. I believe the amount of snow in the midwest is about to make up for it. Ali is still excited about driving from NYC to Michigan (at night), but I am keeping fingers crossed we make it through without a snow storm.

Oh, well, in his company, I don’t care where we get snowed in. Oh yes, I can be so sappy at times. And I love it. Because other times I am crying at the evening news. And I’m just praising the happiness I do have in my life, for it makes up for all those times that happiness is on vacation.

Now look at me. I’m going on vacation. On holiday. WAHOOOO.

My toes are itchin for the journey to begin.

Time for my traveling makeover. Bath. Shave. Mask. Lotion. Oh, all that fun girl stuff. Ohh la la. Catch ya’. On the flip side.