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Reports from Here

Yikes. It’s difficult to think about blogging after sitting in front of the computer for hours working on reports (report cards) for my students. I was hoping to work on them on the two train rides to and from Munich, but due to the difficulties of using a trial version of Word Perfect 12 — new Dell computers do not come equiped with microsoft word, it much be purchased — I was unable to get very far with the reports. So, that’s what I did this afternoon and evening and despite the amount of tea I have had today, my lids still feel droopy and I cannot sit here any longer.

I need a break, because in a short bit I will return in order to Skype with ali. And then there’s finishing the reports, my bum will be pretty much in this space every evening this week. I’m hoping to procrastinate in little bits or reward my hard work with scheduled time/breaks to make an attempt to catch up on blogging and emails. But I can make no guarantees, because I have to get these done by Friday. And besides, they are very boring. So I definitely need to be able to write about something other than the present, if I am to write at all this week.

In other news, I had a fabulous, freezing weekend in Munich with J and A! It is a gorgerous city with fun modern art and we had plenty of good laughs, heart to heart conversations and lets not forget the yummy Bavarian food and beer. I’m thankful they invited me to hang with them as their trip to the Ukraine and Germany came to a close. It was good stuff. Gave me something to look forward to and now something to look back on. Especially with the fun picture booth black and white pics posted on the wall in my working area. Smiling right at me.

Right. So now I must break away from my computer. I’ll see you back here sometime soon with updates on life, travels, holidays and of course some pictures as evidence. Yalla, bye!