Switzerland, Teaching, Yoga

Yoga Me

I had had it with my reports. After five in a row, I wasn’t even seeing straight. The educational jargon began to jumble in my mind. I needed out. I laid out my dusty blue yoga mat and sat down, legs crossed. Then I OM’d my way into stretches my muscles forgot they could do. And it felt mighty fine. There is a reason I did yoga way back when. It kept me balanced. It kept me sane. And if there is a place where I need it and I have the time for it, it’s here. New goal. Every Wednesday night. The only night I get home while it’s still light outside, other than Friday. One hour of just me, my body, and my yoga mat. Thankful for that.

Now I’m going to read myself into more peace, calm, and relaxation. Resting easy once my head falls into that pillow. I don’t even think I need a bath tonight after my yoga moments.

Oh, and the reports? Two more to go. Due Friday. No problem.

I’m about to enter the world again.

Sweet Dreams.